Mayfair Options Review

What You Need To Know About Mayfair Options

If you’re comparing top brokers, then you definitely need to take Mayfair Options into consideration. This top-tier binary options broker is a popular choice among traders, but this does not automatically mean that they are the best broker for you. Read on to find out more about what Mayfair Options provides.

Let’s cover the platform first, as this is a critical piece of the puzzle. Traders must have a reliable platform to trade within. Otherwise, mistakes are likely and earnings may be tough to come by. Mayfair Options opted to use SpotOption as their platform supplier and this is good news, especially to new traders, because this company is known for delivering platforms that are advanced, yet extremely user-friendly.

There are plenty of different types of trades to choose from, including the basic Up or Down trades, Sixty Second and Long Term trades, Pair trading and high-yield One Touch trades. Expiry times start at 30 seconds and increase from there. The shortest expiry times will be found within the Sixty Second category, with the longest being within the Long Term and One Touch categories.

To pair with these options are over 180 different assets. When browsing through the Mayfair Options asset index we were not able to note the absence of any important assets. The package is rounded out with impressive return rates for every trade that finishes in the money. Traders can earn as much as 85% on each standard trade. One Touch trades can offer more than this, often paying as much as 400%.

This review would drag on for several pages if we listed every tool and educational resource that Mayfair Options provides, so we’ll stick to the highlights. The daily market analysis that they provide is outstanding in that it is quite detailed and can help traders to select the best upcoming opportunities. Their content library is enormous, consisting of numerous guides and strategies. For technical analysis, each trade window contains a live price chart that can be backed up by as many as 12 hours.

The deposit and withdrawal procedures are quite similar to those of other top binary options brokers. Credit cards, debit cards, bank wire and online wallet are all accepted. Currency choices include the Dollar, Euro and Pound. Deposits must be 250 $, €, £ or more and withdrawal requests must total $100 or more. Mayfair Options provides one free withdrawal each month, with additional requests (within the same month) costing $30 each. Payment requests are processed within 3 business days, which is faster than the industry average.

Mayfair Options is a unique combination of solid platform and flashy extras. It’s easy to see why traders would like this, as their needs are met and then all the extra features push the experience even further into positive territory. This broker does provide plenty of one-on-one assistance, with help being available 7-days a week. This just caps off what is already an attractive package. Anyone seeking a broker at this time would be remiss in not seeing what Mayfair Options is offering.

Be Active When Trading

Trading is not a passive endeavor. If you want to be successful and profitable, you need to have a very active approach to them, especially if you are trading binary options. The markets are not static; they are always moving and always evolving in some way. Something that might have affected a stock’s price before the 2008 housing crisis might have no impact today. So you need to always be aware of what’s going on in the markets, how current events will impact prices, and what future events might do to prices. For this reason, no single method or strategy is going to be effective at the highest levels unless it includes some sort of education and analysis within it. Continue reading Be Active When Trading

Trading Long Term Options

When it comes to long term trades in the binary options world, one month is about as long as you can get. You have two choices in which direction you can go with these trades, but most of the time, going long is your best choice. Call options are powerful choices because there will often be more obvious information surrounding an asset when it is getting ready to climb in price as opposed to when it will go down. Continue reading Trading Long Term Options

Trading with Patience

One of the hardest parts about active trading is exercising patience. This is especially tough in today’s fast paced environment of excessive information and easy access to the markets. However, if you want to be profitable, you need a large amount of patience–even if you are a day trader. The fact that a trade is available does not to any degree mean that it’s a good trade. If you want to make money on a consistent basis within the world of finance, you will quickly find that finding the perfect trade is much more beneficial than finding a decent trade. This could even mean waiting a few days (or longer!) in between each trade. Continue reading Trading with Patience

Understanding News Trading

Many new traders find it difficult to trade binaries around news events. This is not only true for new traders, but experienced investors are also taken back by news trading. This is mainly due to the fast acting whip saw movement you can see on the price of a stock, currency pair or any other asset available. We’ve seen markets move so far in less than a minute, then in a whole day. If you are on the right side of the markets when the news release comes out, you are lucky. However, if you are on the opposite side, you’re in big trouble and need an exit strategy immediately. Unfortunately, exiting a trade around this time gets heavily slipped. A lot of the big events that come out during the month happen before the US stock market opens. Beside and FOMC events, the pre-market is what really shakes things up. This is why currency trading, is very active all the time and makes the biggest jumps.

Non Farm Payroll
During the morning on the first Friday of every month, the United States has event called the Non Farm Payroll report. This also known as the jobs report. This is the leading indicator of the economy in the US and it can really shake up the currency market. We’ve seen pairs move over 200 pips in very short period of time. News trading has been around for many years, but in the past 10 years it has hit the consumer side to trading. People used to straddle the market to get the best entry. There is even automatic software that triggers you into a trade if the price reaches certain requirements. We’ve found it best to sit out of the market when the release is coming out and several minutes after as well. This will keep you away from all the manipulation you see right around this time.

Online Media Outlets
When it comes to getting the information there are several outlets online. We like to visit for the releases that are coming out for the day or week. This gives you a good idea where things stand. You can use vocal news services like Trade the News, which is like a live squawk box. This may be a bit unnecessary, but it’s available if you want it. You can always check out the big Internet news sites like or Although you we will get the information, you just may not get it quick enough.

Your other option when trading the news, is to watch the TV at the time of the event. Say the Retails Sales report is due out at 10:00am, you can flip on Fox Business news or CNBC to hear the release. This will definitely be slow as well and you won’t be able to make a smart move. If you do, it’s probably already too late.

How to Trade the News
Well, we mentioned a couple of methods to use around news, but to be honest, we’ve found it best to sit out and wait for the opportunity to come several minutes after the release. This means waiting 30 minutes to take the reversal or the continuation move. This will allow you to avoid the whip, yet catch a nice trade. People talk about losing their shirt when taking a losing trade. A lot of times it’s these releases that put the person in a bad predicament. You can definitely search the Internet for other ways, but try to keep it as simple as possible.

Even though there are some fast profits to be had when trading the news, unless you’re an expert, you are better off sitting out during this time. You will learn after a couple of releases of what can happen if you guess right or wrong. You are better off coming up with the follow through strategy. This will save you time and money.

USD/INR Forex Binary Options Strategies

The USD/INR currency pairing can be quite a profitable one when strategies are used. Bullish market conditions present traders with several different strategy options which hold varying levels of risk and profit potential. The following five tend to be quite popular, as they have been well tested and proven to be effective when used correctly.

Long Call

The general sentiment here would be very bullish towards the USD. Under these conditions the trader would want to purchase the call option. The risk here is limited to only the premium and the potential profit is unlimited. The breakeven point will be reached when the strike price plus premium is reached. To profit using the bullish long call, the price of the USD/INR will need to rise and the option exercised. A loss will occur should the value not rise and the option is left unexercised.

Short Put

The general sentiment necessary for an effective bullish short put would be not bearish in regard to the USD. In this case, the trader would sell the put option. The profit here is limited to the premium and the risk level will be unlimited. The breakeven point would be the strike price minus the premium. In order to profit from this strategy, the USD/INR will need to not decrease and the option left unexercised. Should the value decrease and the option be exercised, a loss will occur.

Call Spread

The bullish call spread can be used when the market sentiment is moderately bullish towards the USD. To use this strategy the trader would need to purchase an in the money call while selling an out of the money call. In doing so, cost will be reduced and the in the money call will breakeven. The net premium paid will account for the risk, while the potential reward will equal the price difference between the two strike prices and then a subtraction of the premium paid. The breakeven point here will be the purchased call strike price plus the premiums paid. The maximum profit will be earned when both options are exercised. Loss will occur should both USD/INR options expire unexercised.

Put Spread

The bullish put spread is another strategy which can be used when the USD is moderately bullish. This strategy requires the trader to sell an out of the money put while purchasing further out of the money so that the downside can be accounted for. The financial risk here is limited to the the difference between the two strike prices minus any premium received. The potential profit is also limited, and will be the net premium amount. The breakeven point is reached when the short put strike price minus the net premium is reached. Should both USD/INR go unexercised, the maximum profit level will be reached. The maximum loss will be reached should the pair be exercised.

Synthetic Call

Here, traders will want to watch for conservatively bullish opinion on the USD. Using the bullish synthetic call will require a purchase of the future option and purchase of the put option for the purpose of being protected against a decline in USD/INR prices. The financial risk here equates to the premium paid on the put, minus the strike price of the put, plus the price of the future. The profit potential using this strategy is unlimited. Breakeven will be the price of the future added with the put premium. Should the USD/INR go up, profit will be earned. Should the USD/INR value decline and the option be exercised, a loss will be the result.

These five USD/INR currency pair strategies provide plenty of opportunity to take advantage of bullish market conditions. With varying levels of risk and reward, traders will want to select strategies which fit well into their personal money management plan.

FTSE 100 Binary Options Strategy

The FTSE 100 index is representative of 100 major British companies which can be found within the London Stock Exchange. This index consists of a variety of organizations which represent different sectors of the marketplace. The index happens to be collectively held by the Financial Times along with the London Stock Exchange, with management being the responsibility of the FTSE Group (hence the name). The FTSE 100 binary options strategy is based on the ability to recognize the fundamental factors which impact the value of this index. These include variable such as:

UK Earnings Reports

Politics within the Euro Zone

Economic News Releases including: Interest rates, Manufacturing data, GDP reports, Inflation data, Housing Data

The Euro Zone happens to be the most significant trading partner for the United Kingdom, which decided not to be included within the EU. As such, the unfavorable economic circumstances within the Euro Zone greatly increase the chances that FTSE 100 traders, binary options or otherwise, are going to be impacted. The operation of the FTSE 100 is tightly connected with the operation of the EU marketplace. This is a fact that all traders and investors must remain mindful of.

Analysis For the FTSE 100 Index

In combination with trading the FTSE 100 based on market sentiment, technical analysis is also necessary. Binary options traders may want to make use of chart, graphs, candlesticks, and more for forecasting price movement for this index. There are now a number of brokers which offer a variety of analysis tools, but they can also be located at various places online. Some charting tools are provided for a fee, while others are offered free of charge.

Trading the FTSE 100 Index

Because this index is one of the majors, relevant information and data is going to be easy to locate. Both historical and current price information may be available within your binary options broker platform, and will certainly be available from various financial data sources. Accessing this information should be your first step, as it will give you an overall view of whether the value of this index has been in the past, along with where it currently is.

The basic FTSE 100 binary options strategy calls for the use of simple Put/Call trades. This can be altered, dependent upon which fundamental data you are basing your trade on. Even so, most data is going to clearly point you in the direction of either Put or Call, so long as you’ve ten the time to perform analysis.

Option Builder may also be used to trade the FTSE 100 and may be the best type of binary options trade when you need to control the expiry time. The direction you wish to take with the FTSE 100 may not be completely clear-cut due to the fact that market hours are exactly the same as that of Euro Zone markets. More often than not, you’re going to have to create a plan for processing UK news releases, determining the market effect of the information, and then setting the correct expiry time period.

Traders absolutely must be able to access historic price data if FTSE 100 trades are going to be centered on earnings reports. These reports are only released quarterly, but many traders profit from the information they provide. Other opportunities may be presented whenever mergers and acquisitions are carried out. This merging of companies is typically viewed in a positive manner and can provide a boost to the FTSE 100.

Keep support and resistance levels in mind when trading with this index. The FTSE 100 offers comparatively low volatility levels when compared with Japanese and American markets. The means that you should be able to enter into binary options using this index and experience more foreseeable outcomes. Even so, trading with the FTSE 100 is not always easy. Some time and a commitment to analysis will render this strategy even more effective.


Exponential Moving Average Arch Strategy

The Exponential Moving Average Arch binary options strategy makes use of the 6, 14, and 26 period EMAs to figure out times when the trader can invest in a Call option or a Put option. The principle of this method is to utilize the signal offered by the EMA crossover for one currency on the chart, and then employ the signal on the exact same currency within the digital options markets. This strategy falls under the category of trend strategies.

How To Use the Exponential Moving Average Arch Strategy

An upward trend is acknowledged whenever 6 is over 14 and each of these are are higher than the 26. Once this occurs, the trader will then need to wait around for the price to move back down in direction of the 14 EMA and contact it. When this occurs, a Call option may be used. For Put options, the 6 needs to be below the 14, and both of these be below the 26. You’d then wait around for upward movement towards 14. As soon as the price hits 14, a Put contract can be purchased. This binary options strategy is only applied under trending conditions.

Advantages Of the Exponential Moving Average Arch Strategy

This binary options strategy is versatile and can be used with lengthier time frames to render trades more controllable and less risky. A trade signal on a long-term chart which is verified by a signal on a short-term chart offers increased consistency than what would be offered should either signal be used on its own. Traders often get puzzled over what position to opt for. When charts and indicators are inadequate, this indicator can help traders to fill in the missing puzzle pieces.

This analysis of currencies found within the Forex market may be employed to produce signals for binary options trades. Asset price breakouts and retracements are important elements of the market. Knowing just when to re-enter the market after the asset price has retracted from a time period of trending is a typical challenge for traders. But this strategy helps traders to get a general idea of the optimal time to re-enter using the same direction as the past trend and make a move back into the market.

Drawbacks To the Exponential Moving Average Arch Strategy

Short-term positions are considered by some to be too risky. When using this binary options strategy, there will be times when the retracement price moves past the predicted rebound point at 14. Novice traders might not be capable of dealing with this. The strategy does have the potential to deliver false signals. Even so, these prospective losses could be reduced by making use of additional indicators such as trend lines, MA’s, or Fibonacci.

This strategy fixes the problem of figuring out when to buy or sell after retracements. Only one indicator is used, which makes things easy. It can be applied to several different time frames to produce signals, based on the expiry time you are interested in. However, at times the asset price retracement does go beyond the 14 point, which could make it tough to know exactly when to enter your binary options trade. When used along with short-term charts, consistency could be made vulnerable by the unevenness of price action within the charts.

The Exponential Moving Average Arch Strategy should be just one of the tools in your binary options strategy toolbox. Although it does provide some clear benefits, its best used along with some additional tools. Using a combination of proven technical analysis tools, this strategy has the power to offer a nice success rate.


Daily Charts Signal Strategy

This binary options strategy utilizes daily charts along with Fibonacci lines and Stochastic crosses. These offer the signals in this price trend strategy which is very useful. Overall, the strategy is relatively simple, but it does make use of some advanced procedures. Those who are not yet familiar with Fibonacci and Stochastic are advised to pass this one over until familiar with this technical analysis tools and techniques.

Trend strategies are popular, as well they should be. This binary options strategy employs the main trend and makes use of the daily charts to produce trade signals. Initially designed for the Forex marketplace, this strategy works well with digital options trading. It attempts to identify entry and extension signals with the daily charts, delivering dependable long-term signals. It also allows time for the signals to set up. Since these signals are quite trustworthy, the success percentage when using this strategy is very respectable.

How To Use the Daily Charts Signal Strategy

The first step is to identify the main trend for the underlying asset. Speaking of, feel free to select any underlying asset and chart. As soon as the price trend is identified, you’ll want to search for continuation signals. This can be done using Fibonacci Retracement along with Stochastic crossovers. These will show your entry points. If you are not familiar with Fibonacci or choose not to use it for binary options analysis, support and resistance or moving averages could take its place in this strategy.

In any upward or downward trend there are going to be times when the asset price pulls back or bounces around. Whenever this type of movement takes place, use retracement lines to identify prospective areas where the trend may pick back up. Then use asset price patterns along with stochastic crossovers to derive the purchase signals, continually trading along with the main trend. There are no set expiry rule, but utilizing weekly or monthly expiry periods should allow a sufficient amount of time.

Advantages Of the Daily Charts Signal Strategy

This binary options strategy offers dependable signals and is fantastic for traders who prefer not to day trade. Trend tracking is widely accepted as the most effective way to trade and the use of daily charts is going to offer you a sharper perspective than smaller time frame charts. This strategy additionally provides traders with the chance to trade the exact same underlying asset a number of times with confidence. After you complete your preliminary purchase and the asset price begins to shift in the desired direction, you can buy again.

The risk and reward ratio is also excellent. Using other forms of investment, there’s always the possibility that a trade might shift in opposition to what you want before it moves in the desired direction. This might cause your placement to be halted or result in a margin call. Considering that binary options offer a basic win or lose outcome, traders basically have to hold out for the asset price to move as desired. Furthermore, the strategy includes highly regarded tools which are excellent for technical analysis.

Drawbacks Of the Daily Charts Signal Strategy

This binary options strategy does require traders to be patient. Signal may not arrive daily or even weekly. If you don’t hold out for the appropriate setup, the loss risk increases. Short-term, high volume traders are probably not going to be fans of this strategy. Even so, it can easily be used along with other strategies and does not need to be a stand along method.

This is one binary options strategy which is quite solid in what it delivers. If you have some patience, this can be an excellent choice. Some knowledge of technical analysis tools is required. Even so, this strategy is appropriate for traders of all skill levels so long as this knowledge is in place.

Capital Percentage Strategy

There are several different types of binary options strategies, with money management strategies being one of the more popular forms. Of these strategies, the capital investment technique is considered by many to be the most effective at balancing out funds while profit growth takes place. This objective of this, or any other fund management strategy, is going to be to keep earnings growing while allowing inevitable losses to be less painful. Self-discipline is important, but even this will come easier if their is a solid plan in place.

The foundation of this strategy is to select a set percentage of capital to use in each binary options trade. This percentage will not change, yet the investment amount will fluctuate along with the total amount of funds within your brokerage account. Now, no one is going to be able to tell you exactly which percentage is best for your personal investment behaviors or financial situation, but most traders opt for a percentage of somewhere between 3-15%. The percentage is not set in stone, but should only be altered occasionally when the need arises. Even then, it should hopefully be increased along with increased successes.

An example of the strategy is action would be a 10% investment. Assuming the total capital within your binary options broker account was $1,700, your investment amount would of course be $170. If this trade is a success, your account funds increase and so would the amount of your next investment. If the trade finishes out of the money, so would your total capital as well as they next investment amount. So essentially, what the strategy does is self-adjusts your investment amounts in order for investment sums to grow along with success, or decrease in order to minimize losses and render capital recovery an easier undertaking.

Note that there is no shame in opting for low percentages during the initial phases of learning how to trade binary options. The strategy is going to work just the same, with the only difference being that profit growth is going to occur at a slower pace. With that said, keep in mind that no percentage is going to promote profit growth unless you’re trading well. Stay on top of tracking your success rate and don’t be afraid to makes changes as necessary. Some of the best traders of all are those who are continually aware of the need for changes.

Should the capital percentage be adjusted in cases where you feel certain that a binary options trade is going to be profitable? Most experts would say no, simply because there really is no way to know that any trade is going to finish in the money for certain. However, there are other variables to consider, such as how much you would like the increase to be, or just how strong the analysis indicators actually are. The bottom line is that this decision is going to be entirely up to you. Just make sure that you never commit any investment amount that you simply cannot afford to part with.

The is more than just percentages to take into consideration when using this capital binary options strategy. For example, the types of asset you choose to trade with. Have you boxed yourself into a corner and are only trading with a limited number of assets? Beginner traders are often advised to focus only on a few assets initially. This is smart, but can become problematic when the trader comes to rely on these same assets over and over again. Variety and diversity are each needed in order to take advantage of the maximum amount of profit opportunities. Capital levels cannot be built up quickly when working within restrictions.

It’s also wise to learn how to assess risk. The reason for this is pretty simple. If you want to control your capital, you have to control your risk. High risk binary options trade can certainly seem attractive since they often offer massive payout rates. The truth of the matter is that profit growth is something which is better accomplished gradually. Sure, you might decide to take a chance on a high risk trade from time to time, but try to remain mindful that lower risk levels often mean more money being added to your trading account.

Be sure to track your profits and losses as you go along. These numbers can tell you much about your success level, and can also be used when you want to consider altering your capital investment percentage. Some trial and error might be required before you settle on the percentage that you feel is just right. Decision making is going to be an easier process when you know just where you stand. Profit and loss tracking is a task which should be completed regardless of which money management binary options strategy you choose to utilize.

The capital percentage strategy can be used by binary options traders of all skill levels. For those just starting to trade, the selection of some type of money management plan is going to be an important step. The need for re-depositing funds into your brokerage account is not necessarily a terrible thing, but this is not something you should need to do frequently so long as you learn how to trade well and manage your money correctly. Binary options brokers provide the tools for accounting, but it’s going to be up to you to plan out how you will distribute your funds. This strategy is just one of the popular options for steady profit growth and loss impact minimization.